Be A Seller At Shopee Or Lazada And Make More Money

Filipino people are naturally hardworking and business-minded. We always think of a way to earn money, that is when online selling has been introduced and become a trend for us Filipinos. Online selling is a convenient way to earn money online using your spare time. So you can try and be a Shopee or Lazada seller.

You can start online selling as soon as you want since it is a beginner-friendly platform. For as low as 10,000.00 pesos you can start your online business as long as you have an internet connection, smartphone, or computer.

Your location does not matter, wherever you are you can be a seller. You can run your online business anytime and anywhere, it is a good thing also that Shopee and Lazada do not charge a registration fee to new online sellers.

Be a Shopee or Lazada seller

Here are some tips on how to be a Shopee or Lazada seller:


Online Seller Requirements at Lazada

Lazada requires all the sellers to provide they are registered with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) or Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR). In addition, a seller should be 18 years old to present a valid ID to start selling on Lazada.

  • BIR Certificate of Registration
  • DTI business permit
  • DTI/SEC business registration certificate
Online Seller Type at Lazada:

LazMall Seller
-Premium type of seller
– Authorized distributors or owners of brands.
– Has exclusive access to campaigns and seller tools
– Shoppers see their product first
– Customers tend to trust and buy products with the LazMall logo because it is authentic
– Lazada charges commission fees when their products are sold

LazGlobal Seller
– Overseas sellers who can access the e-commerce platform’s seller tools

Local Seller
– Corporate or Individual online sellers who are based in the Philippines
-Does not get charged for commission fee

Steps On How To Be A Seller At Lazada:
  • Create a Lazada online seller account
    -Once you have all the requirements, create your account at Lazada Seller Center
    -Fill out the registration and choose from:
    LazMall Seller registration form
    Local seller registration form
    LazGlobal seller registration form
    -Take a clear photo of your ID’s and documents and prepare your bank account information
    -Once your registration has been submitted, wait at least a week for your account to be verified and expect a call or email from Lazada
  • Upload your products
    -You should have at least five or more products to sell
    -No prohibited items
    -Visit Lazada Seller Center and log into your account.
    -Tap “Add Products” and enter the product name, description, and category
  • Always manage your online store
    -View your online store performance
    -Do necessary adjustments or actions using the tools
    – Tap Business Advisor to access the dashboard so you can manage your online shop
  • Shipping ordered products
    -Once you receive an order, have it delivered as soon as possible
    -Pack the item that was ordered and wait for a carrier to pick it up and deliver it to the customer
  • Receive customer’s payment
    – Payments will be credited to the bank account associated with Lazada
    -Always check your account statement on the Seller Center website or app


Steps On How To Be A Seller At Shopee:
  • Download the Shopee App
    -Visit App store for IOS and Play Store for Android user
  • Submit your Completed Online Registration Form
    -Go to  Shopee online seller sign-up form, fill up and submit
    -Verify your mobile phone number
  • Create a Shopee Online Seller Account
    -Once successfully created, wait for at least five days for an email or message from the Shopee representative
  • Upload your products
    -No prohibited items
    – Log into your online seller account, tap “My Shop” > “Add New Product.”
    – Upload your product images and provide information such as the name, price, category, description, and shipping fee
    -Tap “Submit” to list your item on Shopee
  • Sell Products and Earn Money
    -Once the product listing has been completed, you can start selling already

If you really wanted to pursue online selling here are some tips to be a successful online seller:

  • All your transaction should be inside the e-commerce platform
  • Provide a good customer service
  • Price your products reasonably
  • Show different angle of the products and photo should be HD quality
  • Provide detailed information about the product
  • Offer deals and discounts

Do note that online selling or online store increases your reach, your profits will not be limited by the number of customers who can physically visit your physical store location. So if you plan to pursue online selling GO FOR IT and be a part of the Lazada or Shopee family.

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