PhilHealth Contribution Will Increase

PhilHealth recently announced that they will increase the PhilHealth Contribution of the members for the year 2020. From the current rate of 2.75% of the members’ monthly salary, they will increase the contribution to 3%.

If you are a member and you are earning Php 10,000 monthly, it means that you will pay Php 300 per month. Instead of Php 275 before. The contribution increase applies to employees, OFW, self earning individuals, and practicing professionals.

PhilHealth said, “For those earning below the salary floor of ₱10,000, contributions are computed using the minimum threshold; while those who earn the set ceilings/limits shall pay premiums based on the set ceiling. This policy shall also apply to seafarers”

For house helpers, the employer is the one who’s in charge to pay the contribution. That is if the monthly salary of the worker is Php 5,000. However, if they exceed Php 5,000 the contribution will be deducted from the worker’s income.

For persons with a disability, their contribution will be equally given between their employers and the government.

But for those professional practitioners, self-paying members, and OFWs, their monthly earnings will be the basis of the computation. They need to submit the latest income tax return by BIR. Also the affidavit of income declaration, or overseas employment contract as proof of their income.

They also stated that they will increase the contribution yearly to 0.5% every year. Until they reach 5% in accordance with the law. Increasing of contribution will help sustain the fund. To ensure that Filipinos will immediately avail of the benefits if they needed it.

PhilHealth aims to provide affordable and accessible health services to all Filipinos.

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