Senior Citizen ID Application and Benefits in the Philippines

If you are a 60 years old Filipino citizen you can definitely take advantage of the benefits given by the Philippine Government. However, for you to be able to avail of the benefits you must present a Senior Citizen ID, submit all the requirements needed, and must meet all the qualifications.

Here are the qualifications:
-60 years old and above
-Filipino Citizen
-Must be a Philippine resident

Here are the requirements needed for Senior Citizen ID:
-Birth Certificate
-Valid ID
-1×1 photo (Latest)

Benefits you can avail:

  • 20% discount and VAT exemption
  • Medicine 20% discount
  • Airfare and sea travel 20% discount
  • Public transportation 20% discount
  • Hotels and restaurant 20% discount
  • Express lanes privileges
  • Discount for funeral services
  • Recreation centers discounts (For Sports, gym and dancing courts)
  • Admission fees discount (For theaters, carnivals)
  • Income Tax exemption
  • Special discounts for special programs
  • Training Fees exemption ( Fees for socio-economic programs)
  • Educational Privileges
  • Free Dental Services in government facilities
  • Free vaccination for indigent Senior Citizen
Senior Citizen ID

Here’s how to apply:
1. Visit the nearest Municipal’s Office of the Senior Citizens Affair (OSCA) in your location
2. Submit all the needed requirements
3. Apply for an ID
4. Once you’ve submitted all the requirements, they will check and verify it
5. After that, they will fill up the card with all your information and give you the card
6. Lastly, sign the card and use it to avail all the benefits

For more inquiries, you may contact Office of the Senior Citizens Affair (OSCA) using this number: (02) 8988 4242

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