How to secure your online bank account

Are you afraid of losing funds from your online bank account? In this article, we are giving you guidance on how to secure your online bank account.

Online banking saves a lot of time and energy. It helps lessen the hassle and offers a convenient way of doing a transaction with your bank. Isn’t great that you don’t have to wait for a long queue for your turn? It is indeed, that is why many people are already switching to online banking.

However, despite being convenient there are still risks when using online banking, but there’s no need to worry because with the right knowledge and being cautious, you can protect your online bank account. If you want to know some tips to secure your account online, this might help you.

Here are the tips on how to Keep Your Online Bank Account Safe and Secure:

Always Check Your Bank Statements

Checking your bank statement regularly is a must. It may take extra time, but it is worth it because it allows you to spot problems with your account. You will be able to see all the activities that were held in your account. If there’s any fraudulent activity which you can report it to your bank right away.

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Change Your Passwords Regularly

Changing is very important in all your accounts online, especially if your account involves money. We all know that frequently changing password is really irritating, but just think of the good side it will bring. For instance, someone hacked your account, once you changed your password they will no longer have access. That is why changing passwords regularly is a must. Make sure to change your passwords on their official websites. For example, if your online bank account is BDO make sure that you logged in to BDO’s official website to change your password.

Do Not Open Suspicious Emails

Usually, hackers create a very legitimate-looking email to hacked someone’s account. They are imitating an email from a company you know and trust. The emails usually ask for your information and once you provided it, hackers will be able to access your accounts. So you must be very vigilant when you receive an email that is suspicious. Just remember that your bank will never ask for your personal information through email or SMS. So if you receive a suspicious email, call your bank and report it first.

Do Not Use Public Wi-Fi

Many would think that using public Wi-Fi is a good thing because you don’t have to bring your own internet connection, but there are so many disadvantages when using a public Wi-Fi especially if you’re using a mobile banking app. One of the biggest threats when using free WiFi is that hackers have the ability to position themselves between you and the connection point. So instead of being connected to the Wi-Fi, you ended up giving hackers access to your device. So think twice before using public Wi-Fi, use your data allowance instead.

Do Not Use Automatic Login

Automatic Login sounds convenient, isn’t? But don’t you know that automatic login is very dangerous especially if you’re using Mobile Banking App? Using automatic login is allowing the system to remember your password and username, which means there’s no need for you to put it everytime you will use the app. What if someone use your phone without your consent or someone stole it, they can easily access your account because they don’t need to put a password and username. So think twice before using an automatic log-in in your devices.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Using Two-Factor Authentication provides extra protection for your online accounts. This may be a bit hassle because every time you log in you will need to wait for a verification code or one-time password that will be sent to your phone number or email to verify that it is really you who uses the account. It means that if someone tries to access your account, you will receive a text or email, and if it’s not you, you can intercept the hackers right away.

Activate Your Phone’s Security Features

Almost all mobile devices at this time have a security feature that enables the users to put a pin to their device. It can either be a pin number, pattern, facial recognition, or fingerprint. Whichever you prefer it is very important to utilize it on your device. That will provide security to avoid someone accesses your device without your consent.

Get Text Alerts

If your mobile banking app offers an option to receive text alerts about your transaction, allow it, and sign up without hesitation because this will provide extra security for your account. You will be able to monitor transactions in your account via text message and if by any chance that there’s fraudulent activity in your account, you can contact your bank right away.

Always Keep Your Device Updated

When a device asks for update, update it right away. It may take some time but it is worth it because updates usually includes new security features which means it makes your phone more secured and will prevent any breaches and malware.

Deciding to use a Mobile Banking App is a good choice. However, you must know all the pros and cons. This article might not guarantee the safety of your accounts but those tips that were listed above will help a lot to keep your account secure if you follow them. Just follow these tips on how to secure you online bank account and your funds will be safe.

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