DBM Raised Nurses Salary Grade

Good news to all our hard-working entry-level nurses because all their hard work pays off. Our government appreciates all their efforts for being the front liners who help fight and treat our fellow Filipinos who have been affected by COVID-19. That is why the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) makes an upgrade to nurses’ salary grade.

Recently, Budget Sec. Wendel Avisado issued a Budget Circular 2020-4 which allows upgrading the pay of entry-level nurses to Php 32,053 to Php 34,801 Salary Grade-15 from the previous Php 22,316 to Php 24,391 Salary Grade-11

Who will receive salary upgrade?

  • Regular Nurse
  • Casual or Contractual in Nature
  • Full time or Part-Time

    Who works in National Government Agencies including:
    -State Universities
    -State Corporations
     -Local government units covered by the Compensation and Position Classification System

    However, all nurses who are exempted from RA 6758 and who implement their own CPCs will be excluded from the upgrade.

Of course, not only entry-level nurses will be given an upgrade but also other nurses.

Other Nurses who will receive upgrade:

1. Nurse II upgrade to Salary Grade-17 from the previous Salary Grade-15
2. Nurse III upgrade to Salary Grade-19 from previous Salary Grade-17
3. Nurse IV upgrade to Salary Grade-20 from previous Salary Grade-19
5. Nurse V upgrade to Salary Grade-22 from previous Salary Grade-20
6. Nurse VI upgrade to Salary Grade-24 from previous Salary Grade-22

The Supreme Court confirms the provision on Dec. 13, 2019, which makes it final and executed. In addition, the upgrade shall be retroactive to Jan. 1, 2020 which is the date of effectivity of the circular, as stated by DBM.

DBM also said that in case of shortage, an agency that needs funds may submit a request for the release of funds which will be charged to Miscellaneous Personnel Benefits Fund.

Upgrading the Nurse’s salary grade is very timely because this will give them additional motivation to work harder and they also deserve the increase. Think of the fact that they are risking their own lives just to help everyone in need. Let’s all be grateful that we have front-liners who serve as heroes to everyone.

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