Guide on How to Transfer Land Title in the Philippines

At this time, owning a land property is a great decision because it is a good investment. Why? because land doesn’t wear out or depreciate even if time passes by. However, buying land here in the Philippines requires a lot of processes. It’s time-consuming because there are legal processes that need to be done, but once you already owned it all efforts are definitely worth it. So you should conduct research including how to transfer land title.

Buying land is a bit risky, so it will be an advantage if you have an idea of what you’ll do if you’ve decided to buy a land property. If you wanted to know more about transferring land title here in the Philippines this might help you.

Advantage of Buying a Land:

  • Land property has low maintenance
    If the land you own is raw, it means there’s no property to manage, so it doesn’t require caretaker. All you just need to do is to settle the property tax to avoid any problem in the future
  • It doesn’t depreciate
    Buying land is a good investment because it doesn’t diminish in value over a period of time
  • Land Property is a Buyer’s Market
    Land property is very in demand now. Most people who want a good investment would prefer buying land than any other thing.

What are the Requirements to Transfer Land Title:

  • Notarized Deed of Absolute Sale (original and photocopy)
  • Transfer Certificate of Title (original and photocopy)
  • Latest Tax Declaration (original and photocopy)
  • Certificate of No Improvement issued by City assesor
  • TIN of seller and buyer

How’s the Process?

  1. Prepare all the documents ahead of time
  2. Visit the BIR office at your location
  3. Submit all the required documents
  4. Once submitted the BIR representative will calculate your Capital Gains
  5. Afterward, you will be asked to sign the BIR Form 1706 and BIR Form 2000
  6. They will give you a claim slip associated with the claim date on when you will get the Certificate Authorizing Registration
  7. Once you come back, claim the following:
    -Certificate Authorizing Registration
    -Deed of Absolute Sale
    -Transfer Certificate of Title
    -BIR Form 1706 (CGT) and Form 2000 (DST)
    -Copies Tax Declaration for land and improvement
  8. Once you claimed the documents, proceed to the Local Treasurer’s Office and pay for the fee
  9. They will ask you to submit the following documents and they will release your Tax Clearance
    -Deed of Absolute Sale (original and photocopy)
    -Tax Declaration
    -Payment of Real Property Tax and Special Education Fund Tax Official Receipt
  10. Proceed to the Registry of Deeds and submit all the following documents
    -Certificate Authorizing Registration
    -Deed of Absolute Sale
    -Transfer Certificate of Title
    -Copies Tax Declaration for land and improvement
    -Official Receipts
  11. Once verified they will release your new Land Title with the new owner’s name
  12. Lastly, proceed at the Municipal or Provincial Assessor’s Office and file the following documents to receive your new Tax Declaration
    -Deed of Absolute Sale
    -Transfer Certificate of Title
    -Certificate Authorizing Registration
    -Transfer Tax Receipt
    -Latest Tax Receipt or Tax Clearance

Acquiring a land title will test your patience because processing may take up to months. It will also require you to go back and forth to BIR Departments to submit documents that are needed. Just make sure to prepare all the necessary documents beforehand to avoid any delays.

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