VUL Insurance Guidelines

Nothing is more important than your life. So securing your future is a good move and one way to do that is to get a Variable Universal Life Insurance (VUL). As you move further with your life, the importance of having insurance in a long-term plan takes its place. Why? because insurance’s main purpose is to provide a financial safety net for you and your family in case you need it the most.

What is VUL Insurance?

A variable universal life (VUL) is a type of permanent life insurance. It has a built-in savings component that allows for the investment of the cash value. In short, it is an insurance and investment at the same time. VUL provides living, disability, and death benefits.

In addition, what makes it so popular is that it will provide financial protection for the policyholder if he/she either dies too soon. The beneficiaries will receive the proceeds but if the policyholder lives too long, he/she can use the investment returns to fund the retirement.

List of Company that Provides VUL Insurance:

Reasons Why Insurance Matters:

  1. Reduce Stress in Difficult Times
    Uncertainties happen in everyone’s life. We don’t know how and when it will happen. But, having insurance will save you from stress if by any chance you’ll face difficult times. It will be a great relief knowing that you are always ready.
  2. Protection for You and Your Family
    Family is everything that is why it is important to secure ourselves and our family’s protection in case anything unfortunate happens.
  3. Having Peace Mind
    Nothing beats peace of mind, if you have peace of mind everything will be easier for you. The fact that you know your family is secured in terms of financial security makes us confident.
  4. Secure your Beneficiaries Future
    If the policyholder dies too soon, a lump sum death benefit will be given to their beneficiaries which they can use for their daily living.

Aside from those that were mentioned above, there’s still a lot of reasons why you should consider having VUL insurance.

If you’re planning to apply you can find an agent from your preferred company who will explain to you everything you need to know about the insurance you’re applying for.

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