BDO Savings Account for Kids Guidelines

Teaching our kids how to save up money early is good, so while they are growing they know how to value money and save up for themselves. It’s very important because that is one way of making them independent. In addition, a child who knows how to save money has a higher chance of being successful in life because they will be aware of how to manage their finances.

One good way of teaching our kids to save up money is opening a savings account for them and when it comes to a savings account, BDO is one of the well-known and trustworthy. If you wanted to know more about BDO savings account for kids, this might help you. Read more to know more on how to open BDO savings account for kids

How to Open BDO Savings Account for Kids?

BDO offers a Junior Savings Account for children below 12 years old.
As long as you have an initial amount of Php 100, you can open an account already. In addition to that, the BDO Junior Savings Account also offers the following:

Account Passbook
Kids below 12 years old will be able to get their passbook so that they can monitor their savings.

BDO EMV Debit Card
Kids between 12 to 7 years old can get a Debit Card once they reach a deposit balance amounting to Php 2,000

Transfer Money
If a parent has an existing account with BDO, they can easily transfer money to their child’s Junior Saving Account

What are the Requirements Needed?

For the Child:
-Birth Certificate (PSA)
-School ID

For the Parent/Guardian
-Valid IDs (2)
-Adoption Documents (if will be opened by Adoptive Parents)
-Guardianship Documents (if will be opened by Legal Guardian)

For more inquiry, you may contact BDO using this hotline:
(02) 8631-8000
(02) 8708-7087

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