How to Check if the Banknote is Fake or Real

Recently, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) changed the design of Philippine money. Every banknote that was created, undergoes many processes before it gets into our hands. That is why it is very important that we make sure that the money we receive is genuine and not fake because nowadays there are people who make fake money. That is why BSP is always giving a reminder to everyone to check every banknote we receive. So be vigilant and check the money upon receiving it. In addition, if you think you receive fake money here’s are some tips on how to check if the banknote is fake or real.

Here Are Some Tips on How to Check if the Banknote is Fake or Real:

Look at the banknote

If you don’t look carefully at a banknote they will all look the same even if it’s fake. So when checking money, it is important that you check carefully. Some of the things you should check are:
-Embossed print
-See-through marks
-Watermark (You must view the bill against the light to see this)
-Assymetric serial number (Must contain six to seven digit plus the two prefix letters)
-Security Fiber

Feel the banknote

Real money and fake money has a lot of difference especially the texture of paper that was used. A real banknote is rough in texture since it was made with Philippine abaca and cotton while the fake banknote was purely made of paper so it is very smooth in texture. If you always hold a money this method will be the easiest for you. Since you are familiar with the texture of real money, so identifying the fake one will be easy.

Tilting the banknote

This method is one of the most used. If you tilt a banknote, you must see the following:
-Concealed value
-Security Thread Embedded (50 and 20 pesos)
-Metallic Security Thread that is 4mm wide (100, 200, 500 and 1000 pesos)
-Initials of BSP at the rear part of security threads

Lastly, the new design of banknote that was released by the BSP has the image of blue-naped parrot and the BSP logo.

So if you receive a banknote that is very suspicious, try using the method that was mentioned above, it might help you know if the banknote you receive is real or fake. In addition, there are also things that you can buy to help you check a money. One example is the UV light banknote detector.

Whichever options you think will work for you when checking a banknote, go for it because money is hard to earn. So it is important that you only receive real money especially if you’re working hard earn it.

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