How to Work as a Freelancer on Upwork

It’s very hard to find a job nowadays. So instead of staying at home and doing nothing, why not try to work as a freelancer. Freelancing is very popular with people who have knowledge and skills doing jobs online. Aside from staying in the comfort of your home while working, you’re also in control of your schedule. You can work anytime you prefer as long as you meet your deadline. One of the most famous platforms when it comes to freelancing, is Upwork. If you are interested, here’s how to work as a freelancer on Upwork.

What is Upwork?

Upwork is an online platform designed for freelancers. It is considered a marketplace for freelancers in fields such as graphic design, writing, and web development. Upwork is a site that helps professionals find projects, communicate with clients, and get paid.

Getting Started on Upwork:

1. Create an Account

  • Visit and click “Sign up”
  • Sign up using the following:
    • Email address
    • Google account
    • Apple account
  • Add your personal information
    • Full name
    • You location
    • Password
  • Indicate that you want to “Work as a freelancer”
  • Click the checkbox once you read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
  • Afterwards, click “Create My Account” to proceed

2. Complete Your Upwork Profile

  • Add the following:
    • Add a photo of yourself
    • Work history
    • Skill tag
    • Expertise
    • Level of expertise (Entry level, intermediate or expert)

3. Put Your Educational Background

  • Include the following:
    • Degree earned
    • Area of study
    • Awards
    • Extracurricular activities

4. Include Your Past Work Experience

  • Previous companies
  • Completed projects

5. Set Your Rate

This is important so that your client may see how much is your hourly rate. You can definitely increase your rate since you’re responsible for your home office setup and all the equipments unlike when you have an employer. If you’re having a hard time deciding about your rate, keep this in mind:

  • Your rate can be modified every time you submit a proposal
  • You can adjust your overall rate anytime you prefer

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6. Complete your profile by putting the following:

  • Title
  • Overview
  • Profile Photo
  • Contact Details

7. Review your Profile

Make sure to double-check and preview your profile before submitting to avoid any mistakes.

8. Verify your Account

Before you will be able to submit proposals, you need to verify your account first. Verifying your account will require you to submit a government issued ID or an online visual verification. This process usually take 10 minutes, so be patient. Once your account is fully verified, then you’re good to go.

As a final point, being a freelancer will give you flexibility and freedom, so it is indeed a good choice if you want to pursue it. Just make sure to create a profile that stands out so that client will reach you out as soon as they saw it.

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