Basic And Simple Rules Of Investing

You wanted to invest but you have a lot of questions in mind you want answered and one of those questions might be, is there a basic rule or rules when investing?

Yes, definitely! Let us take a look on these simple but golden rules that you should follow when investing.

Basic And Simple Rules Of Investing

Invest Now

The first basic rule of investing is NOW. So the best time is today!

The advantage of investing earlier is you gain a bigger returns.

It’s not about “timing in the market” that is important but rather your “time in the market”

Listening to people that tells you it’s not a good time to invest now is not a good idea.

Invest Regularly

Make investing a regular habit. Don’t invest only when you want it or when you have extra cash.

Investing is like building a muscle or creating a sexy body. You create and schedule time to work out. You don’t train only when you feel like it.

Onetime-big-time investment is good but investing with affordable amounts for a long period makes you more money than you think.

Invest with affordable amount is easier than ever before. You can invest for as low as a thousand pesos! 

Invest Wisely

Never put your money on the first investment instrument you see. That’s a surefire way to lose your money. Remember to invest only on things you understand. Know the risks and how investment works.

Before investing, you must have an aim in mind. Why are you investing? How will you use your money from investment?

A friend of mine start a long-term investment for her child’s college education. She started her investment when her daughter is only 3 years old.

No matter what the status of the market or the direction the economy is going, there will always be an investment that is performing well. If stock market is going down, try bonds or fixed-income instruments that sometimes perform well than the equity.

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