26 Business Ideas You can Start with No Capital Needed

Whoever you are, whether you have a full time job, or a stay at home mom, you probably have thought about starting a business to gain more financial freedom. The only problem is you don’t have any starting capital. Does that mean you are out of luck? Of course not!

I have listed below 26 businesses that you can start with little to no capital at all. Please take note that most of these business would require regular internet connection and access to a computer, and maybe a car. However, if you’ve got those already, then dig in!

1. Blogging

This is not a new concept since many people have already started this business and have earned. I even started with this and, although slowly, I eventually made some money out of blogging.

There are a lot of ways to earn through blogging. The most common is advertisement income or affiliate marketing. This means that you allocates spaces for ads to appear on your blog. If somebody clicks on it and buy a product, you will earn a commission. You also earn income by just your website traffic.

However, for this to work, you need to write about things that you are passionate about. Blogging only a handful or articles won’t earn you money. You have to write a lot to get people to come to your site as often as they can.

2. In-home child care

Do you love children and doesn’t mind to be with them most of the day? If yes is your answer, then this business is perfect for you. Most areas will require you to license your business which will have associated fees. But other than that, the cost of running a child care business is very minimal.

3. In-home dog care

In a similar vein, if you adore dogs and would love to be with them all day, then a doggy daycare business should be a fit for you. You can have operating hours during the day. This is mostly the time where dog owners doesn’t have the time to take care of their pets because they are working. You can also do lodging for dogs whose owners are out of town.

Aside from this business being low cost, it also doesn’t require a lot of skills. You just need experience with dogs, and patience. If you don’t have experience with dogs, or want to get an idea on how it feels like taking care of a lot of dogs, you can try volunteering at your local animal shelter.

4. Pet services

Dog daycare is too small or too boring for you but still wants to do a business around them? Try offering pet services like taking pets to grooming, or veterinary. Depends on what you can do, offering pet services requires no capital at all. It might require you to have a car.

5. Dog training

Depending on your area, dog training can be a great business. You just need a lot of skills and patience so you are able to train dogs. Otherwise, no one will patronize your business.

6. Freelance writing

Do you have strong skills on writing? Then use that skill. Consider creating a business by being a freelance writer. You can start by marketing your skill with Upwork or Guru. You can find build your client base from there.

7. Freelance editing

Similar to freelance writing, you can also start a business by using your editing skills. A lot of writers are looking for editors or proofreaders and pay good money.

8. Resume building

If you have worked as a hiring manager for years, then you know exactly what employers are looking for when looking at a resume. With a lot of people competing for jobs, there are quite a number of applicants who would pay to improve their resume and have a greater chance of being hired.

9. Logo and image design

Do you have creative skills? Are you good design softwares like Photoshop? If you are, then you can market your work to clients who need creative people to design for their needs.

10. Selling printables online

If you have a creative eye but doesn’t like to create logo or digital art, why not try selling some printables online? Calendars, to do list, stationary and a lot of other things can be sold online. Try searching in Etsy to get more idea.

11. Consulting

Consulting businesses are always free to start. All you need is a specific set of skills you can use to offer. There is a great variety of paid consultants that you can choose from. For example, if you have legal experience, offer legal advice.

12. Errand runner or jack of all trades

If you have heard of TaskRabbit, then you probably have an idea on how this works. You basically offer to do menial jobs that others might be too lazy to do. You can also offer this to senior citizens who needs someone to run errands for them, like buy groceries.

13. Building websites

If you have skills in setting up websites, then offer your skills to create websites to other businesses or individuals. A lot of people have turned to website creation to sell their products rather than setting up a physical store. It has more reach with very minimal cost than the traditional one.

14. Programming

With the ever growing innovations in technology, there are quite a number of people who would want to pay programmers to do certain things. Building software or system has a huge market nowadays.

15. Driving for Uber or Grab

Do you have a car? You can sign up for any of this driving apps and make use of your driving skills to earn money.

16. Music lessons or tutoring

Offering lessons or tutoring is also a great way of utilizing your skills to earn money. If you are good at Math or English, you can offer tutoring services on this. Having a connection in school is a great way to start.

17. Language teaching and practice

Can speak other languages? Then use them to earn money. Teach interested individuals to learn other languages.

18. Virtual assistant

Are you organized and can easily accomplish tasks at a timely manner? Consider being a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants handle scheduling, bookkeeping, and various other administrative tasks remotely from their home office; similar to freelancing as a writer, editor, designer, and so on, virtual assistants can build up their client base and experience on sites like Upwork.

19. House sitting

If you have a good reputation and can be trusted, you can try house sitting as your business. To start, you can build your reputation by sitting for your friends or family. With their recommendation, you will sure to have an earning business soon.

20. Home organization

If you love to clean and is good at keeping your home tidy and organized, try offering home organization services.

21. Professional finder

This one is a bit more of an unusual suggestion but there are people who have a knack of finding things. If you are one of them, consider monetizing this skill by offering them as a business.

22. Drop shipping

Dropshipping is another way of earning without a capital. You just need to find products you can sell, and you can have it shipped directly to your buyer. You do not even need to see the product. For more details, read Shopify’s Guide to Dropshipping.

23. Gardening and landscaping

For those who have a green thumb, landscaping business is also a great way of making money from your skill. If you have basic mowing, pruning, and lawn maintenance skills, you’ll likely find that the bar to entry for starting a landscaping business is fairly low.

24. House or office cleaning

Cleaning business is lucrative because of it’s low need of capitalization. Not only that, you can guarantee that the cleaning business will always be in demand.

25. Event planning

An event planning business is a great business and can be started for free. All you need to do is your organizational skills and contacts for suppliers for party needs.

26. Sewing and alterations

While there are ready to wear products on stores, there is always a need for alterations so you can be sure that this business is sure to grow.

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