Is it Too Late to Start a Business With my Age?

After graduation, you swore you are going to save up for enough capital and start your own business. You don’t want to be shackled to a desk job that you will probably hate. You want to have your own freedom to do what you want and not be told what to do when.

Fast forward to today, probably 5 to 10 years later. It’s Monday again, and you are still sitting at your desk, cursing at all the pile up work you have to finish for the week. You are wondering why you fulfilled your dream of having your own business. You are asking yourself where you went wrong. You ask yourself, is it too late to start a business with my age?

Well, go grab a cup of coffee and continue reading because you are never too old to start a business.

There are a lot of popular business people who started a business in the later days of their life. Colonel Harland Sanders started KFC at the age of 62. Ray Croc opened it’s first McDonalds at the age of 53.

If they have built successful businesses with their age, then why can’t you? With all the years of experience they have, these men grew to understand what worked and what didn’t. They also experimented to find the right fit for them. Colonel Sanders had been a job hopper for most of his life, from a steamboat pilot, to a farmer, and even dabbled on insurance. When he started his first business – a service station – it failed miserably. He attempted to open a restaurant but also ended in disaster when the World War II started. But Colonel Sanders didn’t stopped and eventually founded KFC which is now a very successful food chain in the world.

Never stop trying. It doesn’t matter if your idea is original or not. It only adds to the value of it. What matters the most is your ability to execute your business.

Age may be in your favor. Bagging those years of experience, starting a business will be a lot easier. You have an idea of what works and what doesn’t. Your network have also increased and you can utilize them for your business.

Age brings wisdom, experience and patience. Having worked with other companies, managing people will now come easy to you. You will be able to command your team with authority. You won’t have to work on your ‘boss attitude’ since you already have mastered these from your previous jobs.

Successful business owners in their 20s are exceptions, not rules. So why would you be discourage if you are still at your job? Use this opportunity to gain knowledge and expand your network. Work with your job while you work for your dream.

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