Top Investments for just ₱20000

It’s so easy to just head to the mall and blow your 20,000 pesos on clothes, food and or gadgets. Especially in this contemporary time where one swipe from a credit card and your 20,000 pesos is all gone.

Only 19 percent of the country’s 68.6 million adults have some form of formal savings according to the 2017 Financial Inclusion Survey by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). And only 9% of adults have bank accounts to save money.

Out of 68.6 million adults, only three percent are investing their money. The survey shows that Filipinos lack of awareness regarding investments; long term gains of savings and investing money. It doesn’t matter if it’s 5,000 or 20,000 pesos.

If you do the right thing and decision, your 20,000 pesos can grow to make a small fortune. Know where you should invest your 20,000 pesos:

Invest in Yourself

If you can upgrade your gadgets, why can’t you upgrade yourself? Investing in yourself is the most profitable investment you will ever make.

Invest in things that will feed your soul and fuel your fire to perform better in life whether it’s technology, travel and or books. You can attend a seminar if you want or enroll to an online course to upgrade your knowledge or skills.

To help you grow in your personal and professional life, delve into your creative side. Create something from scratch like pottery or jewelry. Learn new language or skills. Fund a healthier and more positive lifestyle. It’s the best investment and gift you can give yourself.

Build an Emergency Fund

Open a savings or time deposit account if you don’t plan on spending your money or have an extra income or if you don’t like the risks but still want to be protected in the event of a financial emergency.

Relying on personal loans to get by every month will get you in big trouble. It’s not wise to pay high interest in a limited period of time. You are digging your own grave. Start an emergency fund or time deposit. It’s never too late. Try different money saving challenges to help you keep in track. Try it until you find the kind of money saving challenge that will work on you.

You’re protecting yourself from future financial stress if you keep putting in money more than you take. You have money to spend, one way or another if you put your 20,000 pesos in an emergency savings fund.

Invest in Unit Investment Trust Funds

Unlike before, now you can easily invest your 20,000 pesos in unit investment trust funds and have a fund manager to take charge of your money.

You can start investing as low as 1,000 pesos.

UITFs are pooled investments much like mutual funds but at a more affordable amount. It will allow you to withdraw your investment in the event of financial emergency since UITFs are also liquid.

Try Mutual Funds

You can easily try mutual funds. You can start with MP2 or Pag-IBIG 2.

Mutual funds are a kind of investment that lets you and other investors and corporations build a large fund that professional fund managers will handle for a diverse portfolio of stocks and bonds, as well as securities, mutual funds, and other money markets. When it comes to mutual funds, you let your fund manager make the decisions and pull off strategies that will make your money grow and build up your earning potential until you take in the profit within your target period.


You can invest in bond funds, balance funds, or equity funds if you consider yourself more of a risk taker.

Start Your own Business

Now a day, people can start a business by investing a small amount of money. Other’s start selling online without investing even a single cent by becoming a reseller. They just copy and paste the products from the wholesaler or seller and mark up the price from 20% or more.

Your 20,000 pesos can go a long way as long as you invested it in a business that you are knowledgeable. DON’T invest in a business that you don’t have any idea how to run. I HIGHLY discourage networking. I tried it but it didn’t work for me. I tried not only once but multiple times.

Go with the business that you are passionate about. No matter what problems and difficulties you may encounter, it will be harder for you to quit since it’s your passion. Compared to a business that is just okay as long as you can get a profit from it.

If we love what we do, we are willing to make sacrifices and willing to work hard extra hours for it just to make it work.

Which one you think is the best investment for you?

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