Things To Do If Your Employer Fails To Pay Your SSS Contribution

What if your employer is not paying your SSS contribution and you are not aware of that. Not until you had an emergency and you need urgent cash and you think of getting a loan at SSS.

You are very confident that you meet all the requirements for applying for a loan. However, by the time you inquire, they told you that you were not qualified.

That is very frustrating because all the time, you thought that your employer is paying your SSS contribution. No worries, if you experience those, this article will give you information about the next thing to do.


-It is very important for an employee to be aware of their rights so that they will know what advantage they can get and the steps they must do. Under the Republic Act No. 8282, all employers are required to remit all the contributions of the employees on time. Employers must also show the monthly contributions report to their employees for reference. All the employers who will violate the law will be fined or worst is jailed for up to six years since this crime can be identified as Estafa.


-Communicate with the person sincerely and respectfully to fix the problem. In this case, before escalating the issue to SSS, it will be better if you talk to your employer or the Human Resources (HR) of your company first. Once you informed them about the problem, they must do something to fix the problem. They must remit your contributions as soon as possible. However, if they fail to take action, the next step is the next thing you should do.


-If you have escalated the issue to your employer but still, they are not doing anything to fix the problem, then you don’t need to wait any longer. You must take legal action because that is your right. Quickly, report the employer to the SSS so that they can do all the legal action that needs to be done. Good thing, because SSS is very strict when it comes to this situation. In fact, they filed criminal cases for so many employers who failed to remit their employees’ contributions and the court has convicted some of the employers.

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Steps To File A Complaint:

  • Visit the nearest SSS branch at your work’s location
  • Present proof such as company ID, payslips, and contract
  • SSS will verify all the documents and information you provided
  • Once verified, SSS will investigate the employer’s negligence
  • Employees will be advised to still monitor the contribution while the investigation is ongoing

Hard-earned money is very important to us. Be wise to check if your employer is paying your contributions and if not, it is your right to take legal action.

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