Steps On How To Update Your SSS Beneficiaries

Firstly, keeping your information updated is very important to avoid any problem once you are claiming your benefits. To clarify, update SSS Beneficiaries timely because we can’t control what will happen next.

If by any chance that the SSS member was deceased, the beneficiary will be entitled to get the death claim of the member, or in case of permanent disability or retirement the beneficiaries will be entitled to get a monthly pension.

Update SSS Beneficiaries

Two Types Of Beneficiaries:

Primary Beneficiary
-They are the priority when claiming benefits and pension. It can be the legitimate spouse, legitimated, legally adopted, or acknowledge natural children who are below 21 years old and unemployed

Secondary Beneficiary
-They can claim the benefits of the Primary beneficiary who was unable to get it. It can be legitimate parents, legitimate descendants, and illegitimate children.

Requirements Needed to Update SSS Beneficiaries:

For Spouse
-Marriage Contract or Marriage Certificate
-Accomplished Member Data Change Request Form
Download link:

For Children
-Birth Certificate or Baptismal Certificate
-Decree of Adoption

However, if you plan to remove the listed beneficiary here’s the requirements needed:

For Parents
-Death Certificate (If deceased)

For Spouse
-Decree of Legal Separation (If separated)
-Death Certificate (If deceased)
-Annulment papers or certificate
-Court Order for Declaration of Presumptive Death
-Decree of Divorce

Other Beneficiaries
-No required documents

Visit the nearest SSS branch in your location and update your beneficiary to avoid problems and delays.

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