Guide on How to Get a Passport for Minor in the Philippines

If you’re a parent, you know what are the processes that need to be done when getting an adult passport if you’re traveling abroad. However, if you have kids maybe you are wondering what to do and how to get a passport for a minor. Good thing because as their parent/guardian, you may now help them get their own passport. If you want to know-how, this might help you.

Why minors are cannot get their own passport?

According to R.A. No. 7610, a person who is below 18 years old are still minor and wasn’t able to fully take care of themselves or protect themselves from any possible abuse or neglect. Especially for children aged 0-7 years old because they are still vulnerable. That is why DFA creates separate guidelines on how to get a passport for minors.

Children aged 0-7 years old are still babies and kids that don’t have the ability to do things on their own or think on their own especially when it comes to legal processes. That is why at this age they will be excused in scheduling an appointment online. However, due to pandemic, an online appointment is a must. But once the pandemic is gone, online appointment is no longer needed for ages 0-7 years old while minors aged 8-17 years old need to secure an appointment online.

What are the Requirements?

  • Confirmed Online Appointment
  • Accomplished Application Form
  • PSA Birth Certificate
  • School ID (if applicable)
  • Marriage Certificate (If only one parent will accompany the child)
  • Valid ID of parent or guardian (Who will accompany the child)

How Much is the Fees?

Regular Process: Php 950 will take up to 12 working days
Express Process: Php 1200 will take up to 6 working days

Here’s the Process:

  1. Visit DFA website or just click this link:
  2. Tick the box of terms and condition and choose whether to start an individual appointment or group appointment
  3. Provide all the details that will be asked by the system. All information about the ff will be asked:
    a. Preferred site location
    b. Preferred date and time
    c. Personal information
    d. Family information
    e. Application information
    f. Contact information
  4. Visit the site location on the date and time of your appointment.
    NOTE: Personal Appearance is a must
  5. Submit all the required documents
  6. Proceed to the biometrics and picture taking section
  7. Pay all the fees
  8. Choose where you want to receive your passport. It can either be delivered into your house or you can pick it up at the site location once it is available
  9. Wait for your Passport. The carrier will usually inform you via message once your passport is on the way or ready to pick up

How Long is the Validity?

A regular passport that was issued to a minor that was 18 years old and below will only be valid for 5 years and it is renewable once it was already expired.

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