Guide on How to Get an Overseas Employment Certificate Exemption Online

The Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) is very important for OFWs because it verifies that they are a registered overseas Filipino worker. Every OFW needs to get an Overseas Employment Certificate. However, there are some OFWs that can be exempted from getting OEC.

The reason why some OFWs apply for OEC exemption is to make departure time faster and no hassle. In addition, there’s no need to get an OEC and pay POEA processing fee.

If you wanted to know how to get an OEC exemption, this might help you.

Eligibility to Get OEC Exemption:

  • Must have a work visa/permit
  • Will be returning to the same employer or job site
  • Must have a record in POEA database

How Long is the Validity of OEC Exemption?

The OEC Exemption is valid for 60 days only upon the date of issuance and it can only be used once. So each time you return to the Philippines, you must secure an OEC Exemption before going back abroad.

Here’s How to Get an OEC Exemption Number:

  1. Visit Balik Manggagawa Online System, or just click this link: BMOnline
  2. Enter your email address and password to sign in
  3. Once logged in, enter your last issued OEC number
  4. If the system verified your record, you will be redirected to the Profile Page
  5. Update your profile, make sure to double-check all the information you will enter
  6. Afterward, upload a profile picture and click “Save”
  7. Click the “OEC Exemption” button
  8. Enter your flight date (in MM/DD/YYYY format)
  9. Confirm if you’re returning to the same employer/job site
  10. A message will pop-up confirming your OEC exemption with a BM Exemption Number
  11. Your exemption number will be automatically transmitted to the Bureau of Immigration
  12. On your departure date, just go directly to the airline counter to check-in

-Photo must be the latest and formal
-Photo must not exceed 1 MB
-There’s no need to print the exemption number
-You must get your OEC Exemption 60 days before your departure date

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