Who are Exempted to Take the Civil Service Exam?

Passing Civil Service Exam is very important especially if you want to pursue your career in government agencies. That is one of the requirements you need to have if you wanted to apply to a government agency. However, there are some people who are exempted to take the Civil Service Exam, if you want to know who are they, this might help you.

List of Persons Who don’t need to Take the Civil Service Exam:

Board / Bar Exam Passer

Every person who passed the Board exam that was conducted by Philippine Regulatory Commission (PRC) and also persons who pass the Bar Exam that was conducted by the Supreme Court of the Philippines will be exempted from taking the Civil Service examination.

Honor Graduate

If you graduated as an honor student from a Private HEIs recognized by the CHED and from a reputable university in other countries that have been verified by DFA, you will be exempted from taking the Civil Service exam. Including:

  • Cum Laude
  • Summa Cum Laude
  • Magna Cum Laude

Barangay Official

If you are a Barangay Official, there’s no need for you to take the Civil Service Examination. Barangay officials including:

  • Barangay Captain
  • Sangguniang Barangay Members
  • Barangay Treasurer
  • Barangay Secretary
  • SK Chairman

Barangay Health Worker

If you work as a Barangay Health Worker, you will be exempted from taking Civil Service Examination. However, they must meet these eligibilities:

  • Must reach 2nd-year college
  • 5 years of service in the community
  • Must have Local Health Board Accreditation
  • Must serve the community voluntarily
  • Rendered full-time service for 5 years
  • Either Job Order or Contract Service

Barangay Nutrition Scholar

If a volunteer worker who works in a Barangay Offices meets all the qualifications, there’s also no need for you to take the Civil Service Examination after 2 years of service.

Sanggunian Member

If you are a Sanggunian Member who got elected before the Local Government Code of 1991 took effect, you will be exempted from taking the Civil Service examination, including the members of:

  • Sangguniang Bayan
  • Sangguniang Panlungsod
  • also, Sangguniang Panlalawigan

Scientific and Technological Specialist

If you are a Scientific and Technological Specialist who has a Bachelor’s Degree with 3 years of experience in teaching the following fields:

  • Engineering Sciences
  • Natural Sciences
  • Environmental and Food Sciences
  • Mathematics and Information and Communication Technology

Electronic Data Processing Specialist

If you passed the National Computer Institute training course, you will be exempted from taking the Civil Service Examination. This includes the following courses:

  • Computer Programming
  • Visual Basics
  • MS Access
  • System Analysis and Design

If you’re planning to take an exam and you’re included in any of the eligibilities above, you are lucky. Some say that the Civil Service Exam is kinda hard but if you are eligible to be exempted there’s no need for you to take the examination. However, if you are not eligible to be exempted, you can still try to take the Civil Service exam. Just do your best.

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