Banks That Approve Personal Loans Easily

Applying for a personal loan can be a tedious process. Financial institutions will check all the details required before they approve your application. Unfortunately, not all applicants can provide all the requirements that they demand. Good thing, there are banks that approve personal loans easily. If you are interested to know what are those banks, this might help you.

List of Banks That Approve Personal Loans Easily


Metrobank can approve loans of as much as Php 1 million to qualified persons. The good thing about Metrobank is that they only require minimal documents and requirements. Some of these requirements are age requirement, employment, and a valid ID. The average interest rate for Metrobank’s personal loan is 25.9% per year.


Citibank can approve personal loans as fast as 24 hours as long as you’re qualified. They can lend up to Php 2 million if the borrower is earning at least Php 250,000 gross income per annum. In addition, you also need to present your taxpayer identification number and a government-valid ID.


CIMB Bank process personal loan in a couple of minutes and approved them within that same timeframe. As long as you are qualified, your application will be approved right away. They can lend Php 30,000 to Php 1 million in personal loans at an interest rate of 14-23% per year. However, you need to be 21-65 years old to apply and your monthly minimum gross salary should be at least ₱15,000.


Qualified applicants may loan up to Php 1 million from Maybank. They offer a flexible repayment period of up to 36 months with a 1.3% interest rate per month. However, you should be 23-65 years of age and earning at least ₱25,000 as an employee to qualify.

As a final point, if your application got denied you may try the banks that were mentioned above. However, you must apply for a realistic amount that you think will fit your financial capability to repay. In addition, to increase your chances of getting approved, you may improve your credit score. Make sure to prepare requirements ahead of time and be a good payor.

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