Inquire About Your SSS Maternity Benefit via SMS

Carrying a life inside a woman’s tummy for 9 months is physically exhausting but emotionally satisfying. Lucky for those who are employed because they have an HR department that will process their maternity benefit. But, how about self-employed or voluntary female Social Security System (SSS) members? Should they wait for a long queue just to inquire about their SSS Maternity Benefit?

Good news, because SSS created a convenient way for self-employed and voluntary members to inquire about their maternity benefit instead of going directly to their office.

SSS has launched its text messaging facility which will allow all self-employed and voluntary members to notify SSS about their pregnancy and to inquire if they are qualified to get maternity benefits.

As per SSS President and Chief Executive Emmanuel Dooc,
“With just one text away, expecting mothers can now inform SSS of their pregnancy. It is more convenient for them since they no longer need to go to SSS personally to comply with the notification requirement.”

He also stated that members will not be required at first to submit any proof that they are pregnant when they are notifying SSS via text. However, they need to submit proof of pregnancy to SSS once the member applies for reimbursement of her maternity benefit.

Here’s the SMS Format:

SSS MATERNITYNOTIF <SSNumber> <PIN> <Expected Delivery Date MM/DD/YYYY> <Total Number of Pregnancies (including this pregnancy)> to be sent to 2600.

How much will it cost per text message?

Globe Php 2.50
Smart Php 2.50
Sun Cellular Php 2.00

Once a member sent the message, they will receive a confirmation from the SSS if it was successfully received.

In addition, members can also use My.SSS portal to inquire about their maternity benefits. However, they need to provide some information such as the expected date and number of delivery. Also, the date of last delivery or miscarriage.

So, if you’re pregnant and you’re an SSS member, inquire now. Take advantage of the convenient way to know if you are eligible to get maternity benefit.

For more inquiries, you may contact SSS Customer Service using this Hotline at 920-6446 to 55 or email them at

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