Guidelines to Receive SSS Maternity Benefit

We all know that SSS is one of the most reliable membership when it comes to pregnancy. Why? because SSS offers maternity benefits to their active members. It is very helpful since a pregnant woman needs to leave work on the 7th month period of their pregnancy, which means they will be jobless for a few months but luckily if they are a SSS member, they will be able to receive a maternity benefit. They can use the cash benefit while they are on leave. However, there are conditions that you must pass to be eligible. If you wanted to know more, here are the guidelines to receive SSS Maternity Benefit.

Guidelines to Receive SSS Maternity Benefit

What are the Qualifications to Receive SSS Maternity Benefit?

  • A pregnant SSS member must have paid at least three monthly contributions within the 12-month period immediately preceding the semester of your delivery
  • Must have notified your employer (If employed)
  • Inform SSS directly (Self-employed, voluntary member or OFW)

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What are the Requirements Needed?

  • For Normal Delivery
    • Birth certificate or fetal death certificate registered to the Local Civil Registrar
  • For Cesarean Delivery
    • Birth certificate or fetal death certificate registered to the Local Civil Registrar
    • Any of the following:
      • Delivery report
      • Surgical memorandum
      • Discharge summary report
      • Operating room record
      • Invoice for delivery charges
  • For Miscarriage
    • Obstetrical History
    • Pregnancy Test (before and after miscarriage)
    • Ultrasound
    • Medical Certificate
  • Certificate of Separation from Employment

How much is the benefit?

The amount of the benefit that a member will receive depends on their Average Daily Salary Credit.

Here’s the member’s daily Maternity Benefit allowance breakdown:

Average Daily Salary Credit = Ave. MSC / 180
multiplied by 60 days emergency termination of pregnancy or miscarriage
x 105 days for live childbirth either normal or cesarean section delivery
x 120 days for solo parents under R.A. 8972
105 days + 15 days

How to Apply?

  • Fill out the Maternity Benefit form
  • Prepare all the requirements and proceed to the nearest SSS branch in your location
  • Submit to the SSS employee
  • They will then verify the documents
  • Wait for the approval

For more information, you may contact SSS using this hotline: (02) 8920 6446 or send them an email at

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