Track Your Philippine National ID

Philippine National ID (PhilID)will be the official national identity card for Filipino citizens worldwide. That is why many Filipino would like to get their own ID. Recently, the Philippine government starts to accept applications for PhilID. Many already got theirs, but some haven’t received their ID yet. If you haven’t received your ID yet, here’s a guide on how to track your Philippine National ID.

Here’s How to Track Your Philippine National ID

  • STEP 1: If you have completed the registration and application process, you may visit the PHLPost tracking website by accessing this link: PHLPost tracking
  • STEP 2: Once you accessed the link, you will be required to enter the transaction number. You will see the transaction number in the Philsys transaction slip that was provided to the registrants.
  • STEP 3: After you enter the tracking number, click “Track”. Once you click track, the delivery status details will appear.

NOTE: If you don’t see any result once you enter your tracking number it means that your PhilID is still being processed.

If you haven’t applied for a PhilID yet, you should get yours now. PhilID will serve as a valid card here in the Philippines which you can use for many purposes including opening a bank account and applying for other valid IDs. If you’re want to apply but don’t know how to, here’s a guide that you can check: National ID Online Registration

Things You Need to Know About PhilSys ID
National ID Application Process