Valid IDs You Must Have in the Philippines

As you grow older, having a valid ID is necessary. Aside from its main purpose of proving your identity, valid IDs are also an important requirement you need to present when you’re having a major transaction. Especially in a bank or when you’re applying for a job. The process of getting a valid ID takes some time. It will undergo a lot of processes before it gets released. So if you’re planning to get yourself a valid ID, try getting it now as early as you can, and don’t waste time. For your reference, here is the list of valid IDs you must-have in the Philippines.

Here’s the list of Valid IDs You Must Have in the Philippines

National ID

The Philippine Identification System ID (PhilSys ID) will be the official national identity card for Filipino citizens worldwide and foreign permanent residents in the Philippines. The government just recently started to accept PhilSys ID application, so if you don’t have one yet, you should get yourself already.

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NOTE: PhilSys ID will serve as the official government-issued ID in the Philippines as per the government. It aims to establish a single national identification system for all Filipino citizens. However, you can still get other IDs that will be mentioned below as they will have different usage and purposes.


Passports are necessary if you wanted to visit other countries aside from the Philippines. The main purpose of this ID is to verify your identity and nationality. Aside from that, they also grant the bearer safe passage and protection in a foreign land if they have a passport to show. If you don’t have a passport yet, get yourself now.

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Driver’s License

If you’re planning to buy a car, you must get yourself a Driver’s license first before you attempt to drive a car on public highways. This is necessary to protect yourself as it identifies you as a licensed driver. In addition, it will allow emergency officials to identify you in case you got into an accident. So if you don’t have a driver’s license yet, get yourself now.

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Voter’s ID

If you are already at legal age and allowed to vote, you can definitely get yourself a voter’s ID. All you need to do is to visit COMELEC. However, the process of creating your ID might take some time as they need to filter over 52 million voter records. So you may consider getting other IDs while waiting for your voter’s ID.


Are you a professional? If yes, this ID will be perfect for you. A PRC ID will serve as proof that you are a registered professional in the Philippines. In addition, you can use your PRC ID in transactions with government agencies, banks, and other institutions. If you don’t have a PRC ID yet, get yourself now.



The Unified Multi-Purpose ID (UMID) is a four-in-one identification card that was released by the Social Security System (SSS). Filipinos can use it to transact with government agencies such as the Social Security System (SSS), Government Service Insurance System (GSIS), PhilHealth, and Pag-IBIG Fund. If you’re an SSS member, you may consider yourself getting a UMID.

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OFW e-Card

This card is important to have if you’re an OFW. Why? because this will make your life easier if you work abroad. It will serve as a legal government-issued ID that you can use overseas. In addition, this is legal proof of your status and membership for OWWA. If you’re planning to work abroad, you must consider getting your own OFW e-Card.

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Getting an ID requires time, effort, and money. It can be frustrating at first but once you have your IDs on hand, it will be worth it. You can use your ID anytime you need it. Just make sure you take care of it as getting a replacement might take some time as well.

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